Sunday, May 15, 2016

Service in Ojai

The Chamber of Commerce in Ojai requested our missionaries help out with directing people at 5 homes for the garden show.  We told the city 18 missionaries would be able to help out for 3 hours on Saturday.  That was suppose to include us.  Well we had 18 missionaries and with us it would be 20, so we bowed out but wanted to go and be supportive.  The Cammacks are members in the Ventura stake and they showed their yard.  They love Disneyland and have subtle signs of mickey mouse throughout.  They also have a turtle.  I didn't get pictures.  The two pictures below are from their garden.  I've never seen such big geraniums.
While there I received a phone call from a couple of missionaries saying the woman at the house they had been assigned to didn't need their help.  Fortunately Hal, who was helping with the garden show was at the Cammacks when we were and he was able to talk to the home owner on the phone right then.  

Elder Boyce and Elder Kuepper helping people to know what direction to go.
We were going to help out at the Turtle Conservancy.  Since we were not needed, the Cammacks made arrangements for us to go see it.  President has something about turtles.
This made me think of Jurassic Park.

The turtles go in through that door nightly.
Hermanas Eames and Frias were in this area to make sure all was good.  These were very friendly turtles.  President touched one and then was told he shouldn't do that.  He said the skin was very smooth.
The turtles eat oranges.  The Cammacks feed their turtle green beans and watermelon.
Elder Weiss and Elder Peterson
Turtle size is increasing.
Meet Daphane!
48 years old and 350 pounds.  It takes 4 men to move her.

I think both look happy!
We hurried off to go to a baptism in Thousand Oaks.
We finally had dinner with the President & Sister Houston in Santa Barbara.  The meal was outstanding.  Probably the best clam chowder yet.  I had parmesan crusted halibut that was so tender and Dell had a combination of sea food in broth.  The four of us shared a molten chocolate cake with ice cream.

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  1. We went to the zoo today with the Bowens and we all liked the turtles too. That sounds awesome!