Monday, August 18, 2014

41derful Years

 Saturday was our anniversary.  We wanted to do something we had not done.  We went to the Ventura Pier and walked. 
 People were fishing on the left side of the pier. The couple in the background were walking down the pier to set up their gear.
 Towards the end of the pier (I wasn't fast enough to get a picture) a bird had been hooked in its beak.  A man went from behind the bird and put a cloth around the bird's head and by holding the neck was able to get the hook out. 
 The fog in the background is called marine layer. 
 We took a picture of the surfer's code so when you come visit and want to surf, you'll know the rules. 
 We were amazed with all of the surfers.  There were more than what you see. The men we saw getting ready to go out into the water were middle age or older.  The bishop in our ward is a surfer.  I guess it is a sport that can be done for many years.
It was a great way to start our morning.  
We cleaned up and went to the office for a 10:00 meeting regarding Just Serve.  This is a program that our missionaries will be involved with. 

We experienced true California traffic driving to the LA temple, meaning bumper to bumper stop and go.  We enjoyed being in the temple.  It's been such a long time.
We had dinner at PF Changs. 
I did all of the driving so President could take care of phone calls and continue reading emails.  The beginning of the week did not allow time for him to read until Wednesday night.

When did all the wrinkles appear?
I've looked at Dell many times that day amazed at who he is!

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