Thursday, August 21, 2014

Split Pea

This morning we drove to the airport to pick up a sister who came back from having gallbladder surgery.  She left the middle of June before we got here.  We were taking her up north to her zone meeting but on the way we stopped at the Great Western Cinnamon Roll restaurant.  This time it was better than when we stopped a few weeks ago.  We stayed at the restaurant to eat rather than taking them to go and not eating them until the next day.  They were warm and gooey.  Of course, chocolate milk was good with them.  
We were able to sit in on the last part of zone meeting.  Hermana Miller will be with two others and they were able to take her to the apartment which was about 10 miles north.  That is the upper most part of the mission.
We have heard from several sources that in Buelton, Split Pea Soup is the best.  On the way back to Ventura we stopped for a late lunch.

Can you tell how excited he is to take that bite?  The soup was good and the sandwich we had was also yummy.  It was a lot of driving today.  


  1. Yummy! And woah, check out that table-length dough! Us Felixes really enjoy our food :)

  2. Shelby, you should try making a table length dough.

  3. Those sweet rolls are what i want when i visit ;)