Monday, August 18, 2014


Sunday was a full day with going to Carpinteria for 9:30 block of church.  We got there just before 9:30 but helped a family with things from their car to bring in.  Sacrament meeting had begun so we were able to find a seat on the back row.  That didn't last for long.  The counselor in the bishopric conducting acknowledged us and invited us to go sit on the stand.  The missionaries had told them we were coming so I guess he saw our name tags.  During the opening song the bishop passed down a note to President.  "Would you like to say something?"  President responded, "If you want me to."  He was the concluding one to say anything.  He did great.  We went to the Gospel Principles class and then Priesthood/Relief Society.  They had a linger longer and we were invited to stay.  That was a blessing.  I'm not sure the pb&j sandwiches and a pasta salad for later would have kept us full.  
I was so tired and since I was the one driving we stayed in the church parking lot and I took a 20 - 30 minute nap while President read emails.  We had a nice breeze coming through the windows.  
The Youth Devotional was in Sovang about 50 miles north. We got there early enough to review what we were going to do and then eat some pasta salad.  
Our topic was every day missionaries in high school.  President told them how happy we were to be there and started off with our first day in the mission going to a baptism.  He told everyone we forgot our name tags and looked at me -- "You forgot your name tag."  That led into talking about how we are all missionaries...  We got some laughs and it was a good attention getter.  Instead of me giving a talk and then him, we both stood together and went back and forth with our comments.
We showed three little videos from the Church website throughout our presentation.
After the devotional was over, three nonmember boys came up with a member YW to meet us.  They were Juniors and two of them played baseball.  Of course, we took the opportunity to ask about them. One came from a home without religion, one Christian and they read from the Bible every Sunday, and the other said Jesus was a good teacher.  (I didn't ask if he was Jewish). It was really great talking with them.  They enjoyed the devotional.  They thanked us.  Hopefully they will  want to learn more.  The YW played the organ for the meeting and she told me she was just called to be on the youth council.  
President read the whole way home and still had more emails to finish this morning.  It's crazy how it all starts over every Monday.  I don't know if he'll get any read tonight as he's working on his remarks for MLC for tomorrow.  

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