Thursday, August 28, 2014

Two months

You can imagine my surprise when I cut into what I thought was a cantaloupe.  I had a cantaloupe and wanted a honey dew to go with it for the breakfast I did for the counselors and their wives.  This is called an orangedewlicious.  I thought we were in California not a foreign country with different food.  Has anyone heard of an orangedewlicious? It was delicious! 
 Dell set apart his counselors.  Notice they all have blue ties on. That was not planned. How's that for unity?!  President Record on the left is a past mission president and an attorney. President Moffat is a dentist and I have to say a surfer. We've heard great stories. 
 We are half way through Zone conferences.  The Christlike character trait we are focusing on for a couple of months is charity.  The scripture they will memorize is D & C 12:8.  It goes so well with Charity, humility and love. Along with that begins a new program of Just Serve where the missionaries are authorized to do 10 hours of service per week between Tuesdays and Fridays. We are striving to be a Zion mission.  Part of becoming a Zion mission is to start with unity in their companionship.  I talked on that.  President talked much more including being pure in heart and to not have fear.
Thanks to Doug Bowen and Chris Bateman for making it happen in getting gloves to us for each missionary. The missionaries were pretty pleased. 
A shout out of THANKS to my hiking friends.  The missionaries loved their candy leis. Thank you again for your help. 

I know I didn't say anything about 2 months.  Honestly, I didn't realize it had been two months today until President said it in his remarks. I think I probably won't be counting.  
Is the perception of time relative? 


  1. Awesome! I'm glad zone conferences are going well. What does an orangedewlicious taste like? I bet it is hard not to expect it to taste like cantaloupe.

  2. I am also glad that zone conferences are going well.

  3. The orangedewlicious tasted closer to a honeydew than a cantaloupe.