Saturday, August 2, 2014


 I went to my first Spanish baptism today.  This is the "abuela" (grandmother) of the branch. She was so sweet and loving.  She also works in the temple twice a week.  She talked to us in Spanish and she acted like I could understand her.  She let some English slip out.  I told her she needs to talk to me in English.  
Have you ever heard of a baptismal font water being hot.  Typically people complain it is too cold.  "Caliente" said Vanesa.  The branch president had to pour cold water in the font.  Then Vanesa's toe came up so she had to go down a second time. 
The baptism was scheduled for 3. After we got there, Santa Barbara, we were told it was changed to 4. About 5:00 is when it started.  Don't worry,  be happy.  The Spanish are very much not in a hurry and we've been told are late.
This morning we went on a hike for an hour.  This is called marine layer.  This is the worst since we've been here. 

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