Sunday, May 28, 2017

Channel Islands 5 / 27 / 17

We have wanted to go to the Channel Islands, specifically Santa Cruz Island, and go hiking.  The Jones' have gone before and Lori got sea sick.  We had scheduled to go about a month ago but the waters were rough and it was going to be a cooler day.  Today was a beautiful sunny day.  Lori was nervous about going but was a good sport (she took some motion sickness medicine).

The rock was covered with pelicans.
We saw a whale off in the distance.
Lori started to feel a little queezy so she and I stood on the outside of the boat.  Before getting off we had our picture taken.

We walked along the bridge to get to land.

Dell and I wore sandals in case we got wet getting off the boat.  There were a couple of benches so we went over to sit on them to change our shoes for hiking.  A fox was under the bench and went into the bushes.


Morning glory
Years ago farming was done on the Island.

For the first little while we had a guide telling us all about the Island.

The main land.
Lori had a selfie stick so I took a picture of us after eating our lunch.

One of the caves.

The guys walked faster than we did.

BYU - Utah

The Channel Island fox is not afraid of people.

While waiting to get back onto the boat, we watched the little motor boat take all of the canoes so they could be loaded onto the boat.
We had a fantastic day.  The weather was perfect for hiking.  I had to keep my jacket on because the breeze was cool but the others didn't wear theirs.  We were gone from 9 to 5:30.

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  1. This was so fun! I'm so glad we got to have this fun adventure together!