Sunday, May 21, 2017

Good byes

Last night the senior couples came over for a barbecue.  We missed the Floyds and Astons but texted them as they are back home in Utah. The Coles did not make it because Sister Cole was in a rehabilitation center after having a total knee replaced.  We provided burgers, dogs and the condiments, Iversons brought potato salad, Iversons2 brought chips and dips, Hardys brought veggies and dip, and the Andruses brought an oatmeal cake.  The timing for getting together was because the Clarks will be leaving next month.  

This was an object lesson on how to teach.  Elder Iverson2 was suppose to tear the phone book in half.  
D demonstrated how to do it and helped Elder Iverson2.

We have been very blessed to serve with wonderful senior couples.  The great thing is they seem to be grateful for their experience and are enjoying it.

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