Sunday, May 28, 2017

Felixes 5/24-28/17

The Felixes went to Carpinteria beach before getting to the mission home.  I was prepared to give Rosie some space and hoped she would warm up to us quickly.  
She is snuggling with her mom and appearing very apprehensive.
It didn't take her too long though to warm up to Papa.  She really liked walking back and forth between the two.

It was fun to watch her play with the paper with her foot.  She is getting ready for soccer.
She'd smile at me but not ready to come to me.

Jace said if we had the ingredients for lemon poppy seed pancakes, he would make them for us.  We loved them.

Rosie picked an avacado which was the size of a large green olive.   
We had District Leader Training at 1:00.  The Felixes drove to the mission office after it was over and we went to the museum.
Rosie started making this face when she didn't want something and she finally let me hold her.

We went to Yolanda's for mexican food.  We couldn't believe how much Rosie ate and she loved broccoli.  Jorge was the best waiter.  He referred to us as family and addressed Rosie as princess.  He was very attentive.
Food is in her cheeks.
Rosie was ready for the zoo.

Had to take Papa's picture with a turtle in the background.
We were intrigued with the flamingos.

I asked Rosie, "What does the elephant say?" 

These are more to Papa's liking.

Rosie likes to walk!
Because Rosie didn't want to get into the car, she held onto me.
She got sick and woke up from her nap.  Needless to say, Jace did some wash while Kim and Rosie took a shower.
Jace used to walk on all fours and that is what Rosie does.  She would do that and then stand up to her Daddy. 

New trick of going backwards down the stairs.  She went up and down over and over.
Saturday they went to the beach while we went hiking on Santa Cruz Island.  We got a text saying if they weren't home when we got back that they had walked to McConnells.  We thought they were kidding.  
Not so.  They were on their way back and I picked them up a couple of miles from the mission home.
They left this morning at 5:45.  Since we weren't going to church locally, they thought they would get going and stop in St. George for church.  We had been asked to talk in Solvang.
It was wonderful having them here and getting to know Rosie better.  I love watching Jace and Kim be parents.

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