Saturday, May 13, 2017

Remodel updates

The roof was scheduled to be redone in 2017.  We were given the option to move out while the roof and master bathroom were remodeled.  We chose to stay but there were a few days we were gone to the mission president's seminar in LA and up north to stake conference in San Luis Obispo.  We had not anticipated dirt and grit to come from the ceilings inside.
Shoveling off the rocks.
No more rocks!
They layed a vinyl type material.

The counter is higher.
Also new tile on the floor (that was a surprise; we thought the floor tile was staying and the shower was to be redone). 
We are very disappointed that the shower door was not replaced.  Todd, FM maintenance, worked on the rollers but it still doesn't slide well.

Same tile that is used for the back splash above the sink.
Another surprise.  The cupboard doors across from the bedroom closet were updated.
These improvements are for the next mission president and wife.  We'll enjoy them for a month and a half.
We moved back into the master bedroom Friday night but because the bathroom drawers and cupboards had not been cleaned on the inside, we are camping out a bit.  Hopefully we'll be all put back together the beginning of the week.

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