Saturday, May 6, 2017

Mission President's Seminar

The mission presiden't seminar was held April 28 and 29 at the LA airport Marriott.  We arrived about an hour or so before dinner.

This was a steep escalator.
Bonnie Clark played prelude on Saturday.  I had the opportunity to lead the music Friday afternoon.

Sisters Clayton, Hallstrom, Cook
Us with Elder Auna from Hawaii.  We've had the opportunity to attend two stake conferences that he's presided over (Santa Barbara and Simi Valley).  He is such a sweet man.
Eldon & Jan Robinson - Alaska
Mary & Curt Taylor - Rancho Cucamonga
Bruce & Diane Jardine - Sacramento
Annette & Michael Marston - Roseville
Jeff & Susan Russell
Melissa & Craig Ballard - Portland
Jeff Russell, Ron & Leslie Burt - Canada Vancouver

We all started together.
John & Jana Mullen, John & Diane Blatter, Jeff & Bonnie Clark, Craig & Melissa Ballard, Moises & Leticia Villanueva, Jonathan & Alexis Schmitt, Glen & Elizabeth Mella, Steven & Terri Taggart, Ron & Leslie Burt, Michael & Annette Marston, Jeff & Susan Russell, Eldon & Jan Robinson, Bruce & Diane Jardine, Dell & Maurine Felix
This was so funny.  Everyone was trying to airdrop the group picture.
This was our last seminar. We've loved all six that we've attended.  It felt really good to know we are doing the right things in the mission.  Friday was a full day of instruction.  We started off having breakfast with the Russells and Rasmussens.  Topics discussed were The Missionary Purpose and the Doctrine of Christ, The Book of Mormon - a Conversion Tool, Teaching Repentance and Baptizing Converts, a women's session of Sister Burton's talk from general conference, "Certain Women" and Kathy Clayton talked to us about the ladder of motivation.  When we joined our husbands we discussed:  The Role of the Holy Ghost in Conversion, Missionary Schedule, key indicators, interviews and zone conferences.  President Clayton spoke to us in the morning and afternoon.

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