Wednesday, July 30, 2014

July 30, 2014

 I was cleaning up the kitchen after making the last batch oh chocolate chip cookies when I heard a loud sound.  I wondered if it was a crash.  Our home is on the corner of a busy road and cars go fast.  I went out on the deck and I saw dirt or dust in the air down the road.  Our yard is lined with trees and part of it with a low wall.  I could tell through the trees that cats were still going on the road. I went back in the house thinking there wasn't a problem.  Just a few minutes later I heard sirens.  Sure enough the fire truck parked in front of our house and an ambulance on the side of the road. A couple of police cars as well. I didn't go to the road but made sure it was not Dell out there.  He had gone to get his hair cut (that's another story). I finished cleaning up and Dell came home.  He said the police wanted him to go look at the wall because there was a little damage.  A car must have been going too fast and ended up hitting a tree and then some of the wall. 
We let the FM people (take care of our place) know and someone came over to check things out. We took advantage and had Don look at the security system that still didn't work,  fix some screens on windows and hang a wall clock.  Good timing. 
The car was towed away soon after.