Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Tomorrow President Felix begins interviews through the mission. We thought it would be fun to have cookies for those who would like one. Our daughter, Shelby, told me once that I show my love through food.  So tomorrow and Thursday we will see two zones.  I made 6 dozen tonight; only 14 more dozen to go to have enough for the month.

This morning my helper lady came. It was nice to give instruction and leave. To start off she will come Tuesdays and Fridays totaling 10 hours.  This will only work though if she can iron.  I can have someone for 20 hours a week.  It will vary depending on the week.  The FM lady sees that but the church has a contract with a company.  If it won't work for the company then the church may hire someone who can be more flexible.
We went to the office (again I thought for a couple of hours that ended being until after 5:00) so President could meet with a sister who was going home for health reasons. We reviewed many form letters to determine if they would be used.  It was great that we were able to meet with each office couple to understand what their responsibilities were.

To my hiking friends,  do you remember our discussion about a Bosh vs  a Kitchen aid? The house here has a kitchen aid but I brought my Bosh.  Some day I will try it. Have a great hike in the morning. See, I still think about you.

Today I was given a car I can drive. It is a silver Toyota Corolla.  Nothing like"Gorgeous" but it will help us out when I need to get to somewhere and Dell is tied up.

It is hard to believe we have only been here 11 days. It is weird about time.  We get up earlier than before (at least I do), the day zooms by but when we go to bed and look back on the day,  morning seems a long time ago.

President has 240 letters to read from missionaries each week. That is what he's been doing this evening. Yesterday one of the members came to the office to help President with getting connected with his iPad and new laptop.  Also made it so Pres can read in the car while I drive. My phone has GPS and I can work it (

It's time to go as I still need to review pictures and questionnaires of those we will see tomorrow.


  1. Wow, you are going to be a cookie expert!

  2. Yes, you're great at food :) How cool that you get a car for yourself too!