Sunday, July 6, 2014

This past week we toured the mission so we could meet all of the missionaries.  This picture overlooks Santa Barbara. 

 Driving on 101 after picking up a returning Elder from the Santa Barbara airport.
 We pass these fields when going to the mission office.

 It was so much fun going to dinner with the McMasters. They stayed with us last night. Dell had a 7:00 meeting this morning.  The rest of us went to church.  Afterwards we came back to our home so they could pick some fruit. McMasters drove me to the mission office where Dell was.  They went onto the airport to go home. Dell and I went to church. A member of the stake presidency was there. He invited us to sit on the stand.  He said then you will be closer to the pulpit. I was not excited to do that but we did.  The high councilor we sat by on the stand played football at Weber State. It was made known that the Bishop loves football and so does President Maddox.  Dell should really get along with them.  After the Bishop finished his testimony he invited us to share ours.  The first of, I am sure,  many opportunities to do so.
 When I got out of the car in the garage I saw a lizard scamper under the chairs.  Dell is trying to get it to go out the door.
It doesn't show up that it was red striped. It was bigger than ones we see in St George.  Once it came out it didn't go out.  It wasn't afraid of us.  There will be no leaving the door to the house open.

This week has been unbelievably busy. We traveled to 8 different zones. One day it was to three. We presented a PowerPoint introducing ourselves. We included the story of the heart attack so the missionaries would know we are suppose to be here in the California Ventura Mission.  We have felt much love and respect from the Elders and Sisters. A total of 241 with 92 of them being sisters. Dell talked to them about having both feet in and being fully committed.  He shared our favorite scripture D & C 12:8 and told them we would be talking about that in future zone conferences. We met with each companionship for 5 minutes. Each one filed out a questionnaire so we could review it and keep for years to come.  It really will help us get to know and remember them.

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  1. Just remember that the lizards eat bugs! Maybe you should let one in!