Monday, July 28, 2014


We were at the office most of the day.  I came home earlier to get dinner ready so we could go to a husband and wife baptism in Simi Valley (about 45 minutes away).  We used the GPS and got to the church.  Oh, the problem was there were no cars.  I parked the car so we could try to get a hold of someone to find out where the baptism was.  A black car pulled up and the sister in the car asked if we were looking for a baptism.  She said," I don't know why I came here, I know it was at the other church."  We followed her to the other ward which was about 10 or so minutes away.  We were late but oh well.  We got out of the car and went over to her and said I need to give you a hug.  "You were an angel tonight."  No coincidence!  Miracle!
The husband and wife had been taught in the ward her cousin lived in who was the only member in their family.  The couple and baby live in another ward.  The chapel was so full of members from both wards and nonmember family members.  They will be attending the ward they live in.  
The talk about the Holy Ghost was given by the cousin.  She basically talked to all of the nonmembers and it was wonderful.  I was thinking she is going to bring in a lot of investigators.  Also, there were about 6 nonmembers that had been invited to attend.  We had six sister missionaries there.  Let me tell you, they were "working the crowd."  We had members wanting to talk to us.  One came up to us and said, "we've never had a mission president come to one of our baptisms." 
We go back to Simi Valley tomorrow for interviews.  I need to go review pictures, names, and questionnaires.

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