Sunday, July 27, 2014

One month

June 27, 2014 is when we landed in the California Ventura Mission; so it's been a month.  I really don't think anyone can tell you how it will be.  You do hear, you'll be so busy.  There are a lot of different emotions and issues.  I think all are a learning process.  It's interesting though, there seems to always be an issue on the other end of the telephone line.  Every morning prayers are said to be able to do and say what the Lord wants.  

It is wonderful being around all of the missionaries.  It is definitely a challenge to learn all of their names and be able to put a face with a name.  That is my desire -- to know all of the missionaries.  We had them all fill out a questionnaire when we met a few weeks ago.  I review those and look at their picture to make an association.  I have organized the questionnaires according to the zone they serve in and in the order they have their interview.  It's been good that the President has had interviews so close to when we had the first meeting.  All of them look familiar but still working on connecting the face and name.  It helps to see them at baptisms and church.  Once transfers occur, my system will have to be changed.

Today we drove about a half an hour to attend church in Ojai.  There are four Elders serving in that ward.  We were asked to sit on the stand and President was asked to take 5 minutes.  He, of course, did an excellent job.  He told them we'd be speaking at Stake Conference.  Bro. Whipple who was conducting said that was a teaser and we'd be able to hear from Sis. Felix then as well.  The comment was made that they didn't know we were coming.  I like the idea of popping in so that it isn't as formal and then they don't have to feel we have to talk.  We get such warm receptions.  One set of Elders was excited for us to meet their investigator and it was her first time attending.  She stayed for the full block and I sat with her in Relief Society.  I was glad I was there and was able to help her understand.  The Relief Society is having Christmas in July mid week activity.  I asked her if she would like to go see what classes were being offered.  She already saw them and was interested.  I was able to connect her with the sister doing that class and hopefully she will go.

We had a wonderful experience attending the ward.  It began at 10:00 so that is the only one we went to today.  We got home after 2:00.  I was starving so we had a snack out on the deck.  It was good to talk about some ideas for what is going to happen the next couple of weeks.  Much to do.  Maybe what we experienced this last month is not unique.  Just different in how we will be busy.

We are going to Pres. Lithgoe's (Stake President in Camarillo) home (about a half an hour away) for dinner tonight but will need to be back by 9:00 as last week we started the plan to call all of the Sister Training Leaders Sunday nights and have them report to us about the sisters they have stewardship over.  President received in his emails this week that they liked that.

(As I look back on this past year, I can't believe all that has transpired.  It was a year ago Dell was released from being the YSA Bishop).  

So, I want to leave by saying -- it's been a good month!

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  1. Wow, and such a full month! I love your updates!