Sunday, July 13, 2014


 We drove to Simi Valley yesterday.  President was reading emails and I did the driving.  So glad we had the GPS.  We went past strawberry fields and orchards.  The missionaries helped me to understand that the workers are not called migrant workers but field workers.  They live here and don't move around for the most part.  On our walks we have seen citrus trees and bushes filed with fruit.  It was fun to see a grapefruit tree. Yesterday was neat seeing the grove of trees. I wish we had stopped to get a better picture showing hillsides of trees in patterns.
The temperature in Simi Valley was definitely warmer than in Ventura.  The air or breeze has some coolness to it in Ventura.
We stopped at a fruit stand.  A flat of strawberries was $15. While there a gentleman started unloading strawberries from his pickup truck.  We new they were fresh.
We made freezer jam last night.  What you see was a half flat. We froze most of the rest but kept out enough for dinner tomorrow as we're having the Stake President and family here.
The green plants on top are alavera plants from Susie (the woman Pres helped with some pruning last week). She said let it dry a little and then stick it in some dirt.  Tomorrow we will do that.

While president finished reading the emails for the week I made more chocolate chip cookies for interviews for nest week. I have to do a shout out to Melissa Hackett for her recipe.  The missionaries have liked them.  We went across the street to meet our neighbors and took them cookies.  At first they were not very receptive; kind of holding back.  Of course we had our name tags on. It ended up with Mike planning on bringing over a hiking book for us that he has at the office. We will just be very friendly.  We were going to visit the neighbors next door but they weren't home.

I don't care for the honking that the drivers do,  especially since some are directed at me. Example: if I am trying to switch lanes and the people won't let me in, the driver behind me doesn't want to slow down because I have to slow down to get in that lane.

Friday the area doctor (he is over 5 missions) and his wife came to meet us.  We had a meeting also with our nurse practicioner and Skyped with our senior missionary who will be handling the initial first calls from the missionary. She was up north being the chauffeur for Sis Dalton and her husband as the Daltons were speaking at a tri stake youth conference.
We were teasing Sis Miles that they were there having a good time and that Sis Dalton want really there. She went in the other room and got her. We Skyped with Sis Dalton.  So fun!

President had a meeting this morning with the Ventura Stake.  We are now driving with he and his wife 3 hours north to a fireside that the Daltons will be speaking at. Flexibility is the key.  We were going to go to a Spanish baptism at 3:45 but have to leave here at
4:00. Oh well the Spanish language will be put on hold a little longer.  I'm not even working on it right now.  Craziness!


  1. I love Sister Dalton. So neat that you got to Skype with her and see her at a fireside.

  2. So, you didn't say how good the strawberries were. Are they what we've heard about?!