Friday, July 25, 2014


 We know how to fill a Pday!  We had our first Pday and it's only been 4 weeks.  Woohoo! 
We picked up President and Sister Kasper at their home to go hiking close to their home. They live in San Luis Obispo. He serves as the Stake President. 
 We had to climb two gates.  Funny thing, coming back down Dell said I think we can open it. Great, that was after I had climbed it.
 That peak is where the missionaries like to hike.  This hike took us higher and not so many people hike it.
 President and Sister Kasper have two sons and two daughters.  The oldest will be home from his mission in Italy in 12 days.  The 2nd son leaves for Brazil in August. 
 Look hard and you can see the ocean. 
 After the hike and watermelon we went back to the hotel to shower and check out. The 
Sea Shanty in Cayusco was recommended so we stopped there for lunch.  So good! I had salmon tacos and D had a snapper sandwich.  We sat outside by a couple from Arizona who spend a month each year in the area. They were aware of the Mormons and they like their red wine every day at 5:00. They gave us some info on elephant seals which we were headed to see after lunch.  Important info was shared about ice cream. .. we enjoyed visiting 
(I am sure they did as well).
 Males battle for breeding rights.  In January there are thousands of seals on the beach. The males can grow as much as 5,000 lbs and 16 ft. 

 They go for the necks.  It was interesting to watch.  They make a gurgling sound and even a big elongated belch sound.  
 Those laying on the beach would flip sand on themselves. 

On the way to Morro Bay we saw wild zebras in the field.  You can see it isn't clear.  The marine layer had not burned off.

 When we drove to Atascadero a couple of weeks ago,  President Jones told us about the cinnamon rolls here.  We stopped to get (only 2) rolls for breakfast.  I hope you can tell from the shelves they offered many kinds. This was around 3:00 and the place was still busy.  You can see the sparse shelves. 

 Plain and pecan. 
So our "friends" at the Sea Shanty told us about Doc Bernstein's ice cream lab in 
Arroyo Grande.  Mention hot fudge and I'm there. They make their own waffle cones which D partook of.  It was very good.  
We checked into our hotel in Santa Maria before going to President Hulstine's (Stake President in Santa Maria)  home for dinner.  They have three kids still at home and
two are married. 
It was a fantastic first Pday!  (President even refrained from reading emails)

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  1. It looks like a vacation! So glad you had a nice still (still busy!) break!