Wednesday, July 9, 2014

 We went for our morning walk today. Dell set his phone for 15 minutes so we could turn around and go back home. The alarm sounded but he said let's go a little further. We found (I will call her) Susie who was trimming.  Dell asked if she needed help.  I think it took her back but she said yes if you want to.  The plant to the left is a huge cactus.  While he was working Susie and I talked. I introduced ourselves and that we had just moved in. I told her we were missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Had she heard of our church? She said the girls had been by and they were very nice.  She told me she likes genealogy and she had been to our church to do some.  She has 2/3 of an acre in the back.  Apparently like a park and the neighbor who came out to leave for work said it was beautiful and like a botanical garden.  We will go back to see her. The plan is to take family search info to her. Dell came up with the idea of referring her to It would be neat if we could find a story about gardening in I'm a mormon for her to relate to. It was a neat experience.
 As we were walking back home we saw this huge tent.  Wow termites. Never seen something like that.
Dell is holding the first avocado from our back yard.  We had it in a tuna fish sandwich. So good!

Today was the first of 14 days of President doing interviews.  He spent about 15 minutes with each missionary.  There were 22. I just visited with those waiting for their interview so that I could get to know them. For those who have been called Spanish speaking, the interview was held in Spanish.

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  1. Inspired to go further on your walk! So excited to taste those avocados!